2019 RBC Ride of Silence

The Rockland Bicycling Club joined groups around the country and around the world to ride in silence on May 15, 2019 to commemorate cyclists who have been injured or killed in crashes with cars.

There were 40 crashes involving a car and a cyclist in Rockland County in 2018.

Each May RBC joins cyclists across the country and around the world to cycle slowly and quietly in a Ride of Silence to raise awareness of bike safety issues. At the May 15, 2019 Ride of Silence meetup at the Rockland County Courthouse, Rockland Bicycling Club President Mike Hays spoke about the 1934 hit and run crash of 18 year old Ted Vernon on NYS Route 9W.

Since the first Ride of Silence following the death of Plano, Texas bike enthusiast Larry Schwartz in 2003, several thousand rides have been held to honor the thousands of cyclists that have been killed or injured by cars that drove too fast or too close to cyclists. In 2018, 373 Rides of Silence in 47 states across 20 countries were held on seven continents.

The Ride of Silence is an opportunity for both drivers and cyclists to consider how to safely Share the Road and drive and cycle more courteously.
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