"Away Games," For Your Consideration: A 2020 Ride Calendar

By Mark Garrahan on 12/01/19 updated 12/14/19

As someone perpetually asking "What's next?," this time of year always has me looking at the coming year's ride calendar. Established organized rides typically go off around the same time every year, and as we close in on the New Year, most have already settled on dates for their next event.

Having recently relocated from Westchester to Rockland, we've met some new cycling friends who've turned us on to new rides. Amazing, as were starting to feel we'd "been there, done that" for almost everything in the region. Not!

imageRBC member Mark Garrahan writes about rides next season.We'd love to see fellow RBC'ers on any of these 2020 rides. Reach out if you'd like to join, or see ya at the starting line!

Sun May 17: GFNY... NY! Race routes of 50 or 100. Although we've done this a few times, we're not actually riding this one. Leonora's volunteering w/Stony Point Democrats running the last rest stop before the climbs of Baby Bear and Bear Mountain. I'm establishing the first ever "New Dutch Corner" fan zone on the corner of E. Railroad Ave. & Tannyanns Lane in West Haverstraw. (180 E. Railroad Ave for GPS). For those who don't know, located on L' Alp d' Huez, and drawing half a million spectators, the "Dutch Corner" is the craziest (and in my opionion best) place to watch the Tour de France go by. Haverstraw was founded by the Dutch, with it's Dutch name litterally meaning "Oat Straw." Trade your Dutch orange for North Rockland Red. We'll have the cowbells and coffee and look to start a new local cycling tradition.

Sun June 7: Bike MS - Winsor CT Edition 2020. Routes of 2, 20,50, 100. We're skipping the Bloomin' Metric (Norwalk, CT) that we've opened dozen+ seasons with, and joining a friend with a team that's done this a few times. The group will probably do the 50. Find me if you want to be added to our team. The route looked interesting, and we have access to our team host's large outdoor hot tub for post ride recovery. PS- Although they don't post ride date until Feb 2020, I suspect this day will also be SRBA's classic "Bike, Boat, Bike" (cycling Northfork Long Island w/ Shelter Island ferry action baked in). Thus, it will probably be the first entry in our 2021 calendar.

Sun July 12: Gold Coast Century (Northport / North Shore of Long Island). Routes of 12, 25, 55, 70, and 100. I wanted to hit this last year and missed. Hopefully 2020 is the year I get to roll the Gold Coast. While the other rides listed here are 95% "Go" for us, this is the one that could again drop if anything does. It competes with fishing, camping, beach, and a lot of other stuff in that early July space.

Sun July 19: The Lobster Ride (Midcoast Maine from Rockport). Routes of 15, 38, 62, Century. At a recent RBC event, a visiting BTCNJ'er turned us on to this ride. We reciprocated turning him on to "The Maine Lighthouse Ride (passes 9 coastal lighthouses) which we've done a few times. Perhaps we'll re-group in the late Fall to compare notes again.

Sun Aug 16: Lancaster Covered Bridge Classic (Lancaster, PA). Routes of 15, 35, 62, 101. We did 62 last year, and despite a crazy heat wave, it was still good enough we're coming back for more. We're probably going to do the 62 again as you get all seven covered bridges in 2,500' elevation. The Century gets you no more bridges, and doubles your elevation to 5k. As we are joy riders, we'll leave that to the masochists.

Sat Aug 22: Farm to Fork Fondo - Pennsylvania Dutch Edition (Ronks, PA, just east of Lancaster). Routes of 9, 33, 45, 82. RBC Ride Captain Eddie Molina turned us on to this one. We've heard good things, and we like cycling conditions in that area, so it makes the 2020 calendar.

Sun Sept 13: Tour de Greenwich (Greenwich, CT). One route of 20 miles. This is not an organized ride, but rather a "balls to the wall" all out race. One year it even attracted US Pro Cyclist Tejay Van Garderen who happened to be in the area for a family event. What's neat is organizer, and retail shop, Threads & Treads issues prizes and maintains results on-line. Thus, it serves as an annual pulse check on how much faster...or slower...you're getting through the years. Please note, they cannot force you to race, and as I learned from reading Mike Hay's copy of Lantern Rouge, there is honor and distinction in being last. On a number of occaisions, Leonora and friends have treated this like a casual tour and slow rolled their way enjoying the spectacular homes of Greenwich.

Sun Sept 20: Three Creek Century (Carlisle, Shippensburg, just west of Harrisburg, PA). The Three Creek Century is essnetially a clover leaf of options. It consists of two 50 mile loops, and two 25 mile loops which may be combined to create routes of 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles. All routes return you back to the start a Penn Township Fire Department. There is also an option of an 18 mile ride ont he Cumberland Valley Rail Trail.

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