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RBC Suspends Rides, Events Because of Coronavirus

March 16, 2020 -- The Rockland Bicycling Club has decided to suspend club rides and related events until further notice in response to coronavirus concerns. We are monitoring CDC advisories and are in touch with other area bicycle clubs and will re-evaluate this decision weekly.

The previously announced Ride Leader Training on March 25 will be rescheduled for a future date.

Also, please be aware of these other schedule changes to bicycling events in the NY Metro Area because of COVID-19:

  • The 2020 Gran Fondo NY has been canceled. The next GFNY is scheduled for May 16, 2021.
  • The May 3 TD Five Boro Bike Tour of NYC: "It is our hope that we will be able to announce a postponement of the 43rd Annual TD Five Boro Bike Tour in the coming weeks. We will continue to work with our government partners on the future of the event, and we'll notify you of any updates as soon as we are able."

Things are changing very quickly regarding the ongoing pandemic but we are hopeful that we will be able to begin rescheduling rides and social events early this spring.

Please email if you have any questions, concerns or comments about this decision.

Stay safe, and we hope to ride with you again in the near future!

Mike Hays
President, Rockland Bicycling Club

eBikes. Can nothing be free of Albany politics?

By Edward Busk on 1/30/20 updated 1/31/20

We are delighted to see New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed bringing eBike state law into line with federal law, but there are some curious complexities he's added to this legislation.

imageBut first: why would anyone want an eBike? Rather than an ordinary bicycle?

Cycling in hot or hilly areas can be very challenging. A short trip to the shops and back if you live at the top or bottom of a steep hill is miserable. With hills and heat any kind of injury or strain, or lack of fitness, excludes cycling (eBikes. Can nothing be free of Albany politics? continues ...)

Baby It’s Cold Outside. Let’s Go For a Bike Ride!

By Dave Zornow on 1/09/20 updated 1/31/20

For most people who ride for recreation, bicycling is a three season sport. However, local road and mountain bike cyclists say winter can be a great time to get outdoors…if you have the proper gear, clothing, and positive attitude.

imageWhy ride in the winter when there are warmer options like spin classes or stationary bikes you can ride at home? "There's an unmistakable feeling of riding on crunchy dirt," says mountain bike enthusiast Anthony DeVanzo, co-owner and chef at Nyack's Velo Restaurant (Baby It’s Cold Outside. Let’s Go For a Bike Ride! continues ...)

"Away Games," For Your Consideration: A 2020 Ride Calendar

By Mark Garrahan on 12/01/19 updated 12/14/19

As someone perpetually asking "What's next?," this time of year always has me looking at the coming year's ride calendar. Established organized rides typically go off around the same time every year, and as we close in on the New Year, most have already settled on dates for their next event.

Having recently relocated from Westchester to Rockland, we've met some new cycling friends who've turned us on to new rides. Amazing, as were starting to feel we'd "been there, done that" for almost everything
("Away Games," For Your Consideration: A 2020 Ride Calendar continues ...)

Bikers Beware: Handling Drivers' Road Rage While Cycling

by John Daugherty, BTCNJ

New York State Trooper Briana Martinez was the featured speaker at the Nov 2019 Rockland Bicycling Club meeting. Here are a few takeaways from her talk. BTCNJ Advocacy and Safety Chairperson John Daughtery was also in attendance and wrote up these notes for the Dec 2019 edition of the MasterLink newsletter. 

Regarding Road Rage
  • While road rage and/or confrontation is not acceptable at any time, bike riders should obey all traffic laws so as not to antagonize an already
(Bikers Beware: Handling Drivers' Road Rage While Cycling continues ...)
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