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Bikers Beware: Handling Drivers' Road Rage While Cycling

by John Daugherty, BTCNJ

New York State Trooper Briana Martinez was the featured speaker at the Nov 2019 Rockland Bicycling Club meeting. Here are a few takeaways from her talk. BTCNJ Advocacy and Safety Chairperson John Daughtery was also in attendance and wrote up these notes for the Dec 2019 edition of the MasterLink newsletter. 

Regarding Road Rage
  • While road rage and/or confrontation is not acceptable at any time, bike riders should obey all traffic laws so as not to antagonize an already aggressive driver.
  • Most drivers are unaware that bicyclists have a right to the road.
  • If a driver... 
    • yells at you, just ignore them. Do not yell back, give them the middle finger, or throw an object at the car (I have seen riders throw water bottles). 
    • pulls over in front of you, do not confront them. Ride away if possible. 
    • pulls over to the side of the road and confronts you and is acting in a threatening manner, back off and tell them you do not want any trouble. If this does not work get out your cell phone and dial 911 (in the case where no one picks up quickly or you are unable to speak leave the phone on so the dispatcher can hear whats going on). In addition, if possible start video taping. Trooper Martinez says that 95% of the drivers will leave under these circumstances. Record the vehicle license plate number if possible. Also note physical characteristics of the driver so that you can provide a description to the police if that becomes necessary.
Other Best Practices

  • Do not wear all black clothing. You want drivers to see you.
  • If you are involved in a crash, be sure to call the police so you will have a accident report. Simply exchanging names, addresses and insurance information is not recommended as you want to have a record of the incident in case of future legal proceedings. 
  • If a bicycle-vehicle crash occurs and the driver leaves the scene, they can be charged just like any other accident.
  • A video camera on your bike is a good option so that you will have video evidence of exactly what occurred.

"Away Games," For Your Consideration: A 2020 Ride Calendar

By Mark Garrahan on 12/01/19 updated 12/14/19

As someone perpetually asking "What's next?," this time of year always has me looking at the coming year's ride calendar. Established organized rides typically go off around the same time every year, and as we close in on the New Year, most have already settled on dates for their next event.

Having recently relocated from Westchester to Rockland, we've met some new cycling friends who've turned us on to new rides. Amazing, as were starting to feel we'd "been there, done that" for almost everything
("Away Games," For Your Consideration: A 2020 Ride Calendar continues ...)

Rolling By The River Community Slow Roll Bike Ride (June 2019)

By Dave Zornow on 1/03/19 updated 8/30/19

About 40 neighbors near the Nyacks and Piermont went for a slow & social, bike ride, Rolling By The River, on Sunday June 2. The event was produced by the Rockland Bicycling Club, and promoted by the Village of Nyack Recreation Department, Upper Nyack, Piermont and Nyack News And Views. Special thanks to event sponsors R2M Realty, Hartell’s Deli and Velo Bistro & Wine Bar for the “after party” ice cream social at the Edward Hopper House Museum and Study Center. Upper Nyack Mayor (Rolling By The River Community Slow Roll Bike Ride (June 2019) continues ...)

Baby It’s Cold Outside. Let’s Go For a Bike Ride!

By Dave Zornow on 1/09/20 updated 1/21/20
For most people who ride for recreation, bicycling is a three season sport. However, local road and mountain bike cyclists say winter can be a great time to get outdoors…if you have the proper gear, clothing, and positive attitude.

Why ride in the winter when there are warmer options like spin classes or stationary bikes you can ride at home? "There's an unmistakable feeling of riding on crunchy dirt," says mountain bike enthusiast Anthony DeVanzo, co-owner and chef at Nyack's Velo Restaurant (Baby It’s Cold Outside. Let’s Go For a Bike Ride! continues ...)
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