• Saturday, November 16, 2019
    • 9A
      Winter Warm-Up
      Stephen Brehl
      How do we warm up on these early winter days? We climb hills! It's a great way to preserve the fitness that we've gained over the summer, and to get our blood pumping while the air has a chill.

      Dig the cold-weather gear out of your closet and join us. We'll start from David's Bagels in New City, and you're guaranteed to be warm by the time you reach the top of South Mountain Road. From there we'll head to the second featured climb: Cheesecote. Then it's on to Willow Grove followed by the welcome descent on Lake Welch Parkway. By the time we finish the ride up Tiorati Brook Road we'll have the warmth stored up to build our average speed across Seven Lakes Drive to scenic Sloatsburg. Then it's over to Suffern for the ride back to New City. There's hot coffee and hot chocolate waiting at David's.

      Questions - Steve Brehl 845-304-9918

      Overall average speed: 16+ mph, 18-22on the flats, slower on the climbs.
  • Saturday, November 23, 2019
    • 10A
      Rockland Rock Ramble - aka gravel grind (12-14mph average pace)
      Ed Molina
      Note: after riding part of the course today, I changed the pace to 12-14 mph for safety.

      Come join us for some off-road adventure through beautiful tree-lined trails with river views. Hybrids and mountain bikes will be at home on these crushed stone and gravel trails as we take in many of Rockland's bike paths. Note that road bikes are fine if you have wider tires (26mm+) and are comfortable handling your bike in rough terrain.

      Route: (will be posted soon)

      Pace: 12-14 mph average
      Terrain: rolling(43 ft/mile elevation gain)
      Regrouping: we will regroup after climbs and at major turns
      Rest stops: there is no planned rest stop
      Hazards: there is transition from paved path to crushed stone at a curve after a descent that requires some caution

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