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Orangetown Greenbush Rd Bike Bypass Opens

By Dave Zornow on 8/01/19 updated 8/02/19
The Greenbush Rd / Rt 303 Bypass officially opened with a ribbon cutting on July 13 attended by RBC members, NYS Senator David Carlucci, Rockland County Legislator Harriet Cornell, Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day and former supervisor and project champion Andy Stewart. Senator David Carlucci secured the $125,000 in state funding necessary for the project to be completed.

RBC President Mike Hays represented the club speaking about the need to create more bike/ped infrastructure. The 1/4 mile path parallels Rt 303 near the site of a fatal crash with a tractor trailer that killed cyclist Robert Carl Pinckert in 2003.

Rolling By The River Community Slow Roll Bike Ride (June 2019)

By Dave Zornow on 1/03/19 updated 8/01/19

About 40 neighbors near the Nyacks and Piermont went for a slow & social, bike ride, Rolling By The River, on Sunday June 2. The event was produced by the Rockland Bicycling Club, and promoted by the Village of Nyack Recreation Department, Upper Nyack, Piermont and Nyack News And Views. Special thanks to event sponsors R2M Realty, Hartell’s Deli and Velo Bistro & Wine Bar for the “after party” ice cream social at the Edward Hopper House Museum and Study Center. Upper Nyack Mayor Karen Tarapata talks about plans for the village’s Riverhook Park.

Upper Nyack Mayor Karen Tarapata talks about plans for the village‚Äôs Riverhook Park. Special thanks to Upper Nyack Mayor Karen Tarapata, who hosted a brief stop at Riverhook, the former sheep farm near Nyack Beach State Park which the village is turning into a park, and Village of Nyack Trustee Maria Lorenzini, who helped to check in participants at the start of the ride.Despite predictions of threatening weather, it was a beautiful day for a bicycle ride. And it’s always a great day for ice cream, so it’s safe to say a fine time was had by all!

Slow rolls are frequent events across the state and the country in places like Syracuse and Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Worcester, Oshkosh -- and Piermont, NY. Events like Slow Rolls were one of the many recommendations in the 2018 Greater Nyack Bike Walk Master Plan (, a six month project funded by the New NY Bridge Community Benefits Fund, studying bike and pedestrian behavior in the Nyack river villages and hamlets in the Nyack School District.

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Please Sign This Petition: 24/7 Commuter Bicycle Access for the Mario Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge

The Shared Use Path (SUP) on the Mario Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge should be open every day with no limitations on its hours of operation. Please sign the petition and learn why this is important to encourage bicycle commuting, it's good for employees and employers, minorities, too. It's also good for the environment: that's why the Village of Nyack Sustainability Committee and the Rockland Sierra Club have endorsed 24/7 access to the Shared Use Path.

It makes sense that this new bridge, built to meet the needs of the community for the next 100 years, should be governed by policies that embrace the challenge of the current century and not repeat the mistakes of the last one. Please read and sign the petition, 24/7 Commuter Bicycle Access for the Mario Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge.

NY State Taxpayers' $4 billion investment in this new bridge includes a new 12 ft wide Shared Use Path (SUP) for bicycles and pedestrians, valued at about $260 million. When it opens later this year, the SUP will offer a new bicycle commuting option that has never existed before in the Lower Hudson Valley. It's expected to be popular with weekend cyclists, however, much less attention has been given to the benefits of the bike/ped path for Mon-Fri commuters.

Although it offers recreational features, the SUP is not a park -- it's a NYS Thruway-built transportation corridor. The Shared Use Path can encourage future bicycle commuting in the Lower Hudson Valley but for that to happen, the SUP needs to operate on an weekday schedule that encourages people to leave their cars at home. Neighborhood concerns raised by residents who live adjacent to the bridge landings can be addressed without limiting the substantial bicycle commuting the SUP will offer:

  • Like the new HudsonLink bus system, trans-Hudson bicycle commuting “will not only help to ease congestion and improve air quality, but ultimately provide New Yorkers with a safer, more convenient way to commute." It will also ease congestion and parking in Nyack and Tarrytown, especially near the Metro-North station.
  • The Shared Use Path can be a transportation alternative for people without cars to get to Metro North and jobs in Tarrytown and beyond; especially locations not well served by HudsonLink. Commuters from lower income households are more likely to be bicycle commuters than the general population; 13% of Nyack residents live below the poverty line. 
  • The bike/ped path will benefit employers and employees on both sides of the river especially late-night shifts in service jobs.
  • Greener, healthier communities: the 2010 Mid-Hudson Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory found that the transportation sector accounts for as much as 45% of greenhouse gas emissions in the river villages. The Village of Nyack Sustainability Committee and the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group have endorsed 24/7 operation of the Shared Use Path.
  • It's the law: Because it was built with federal loans, the bridge must conform to Federal Highway Regulations which require transportation agencies to give the same priority to walking and bicycling as given to other transportation modes.
The SUP should be open 24/7 just like all other bridges in the NY Metropolitan Planning Area (NYMTC) to which both Rockland and Westchester belong. These bike paths include include the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, RFK, and the Koch Bridges. All are 24/7, with the exception of the George Washington Bridge (The GWB path is open from 6a-12m for post-9/11 security reasons that don't apply to the new bridge).

Mario Cuomo Bridge Shared Use Path Hours: How You Can Help

By Rockland Bicycling Club on 2/14/19 updated 4/28/19

The mayor of South Nyack is on record saying the future shared use path should only be open during daylight hours. The RBC disagrees, and in January we wrote to NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo to tell him why: RBC Asks Governor, NYS Thruway Exec Director To Keep Mario Cuomo Bridge Shared Use Path Open 24/7

If you agree that this infrastructure investment should encourage people to try active, green and healthy bicycle commuting in the near future, write to Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYS Senator David Carlucci, (Mario Cuomo Bridge Shared Use Path Hours: How You Can Help continues ...)

RBC Asks Governor, NYS Thruway Exec Director To Keep Mario Cuomo Bridge Shared Use Path Open 24/7

By Rockland Bicycling Club on 7/20/19 updated 2/22/19

The Rockland Bicycling Club wrote to NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo on 1/30/2019 to go on record asking that the Shared Use Path (SUP) on the new Mario Cuomo Bridge be open 24/7. Because:


  1. it's primarily a transportation corridor (which also has recreational purposes) -- the NYS Thruway builds transportation systems. If you don't close the roadway after the sun goes down, why would you close the bike path?

  2. There are no limits on other NY area bridges with bicycle paths (the GWB is 6a-12m, but it was

    (RBC Asks Governor, NYS Thruway Exec Director To Keep Mario Cuomo Bridge Shared Use Path Open 24/7 continues ...)

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