Cold Spring / Hudson River With Logo. Oct 2018. Photo Credit: Dave Zornow

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Five Reasons to ride with the RBC!


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1 - It's always better (and safer) when we ride together!
  • Groups of bicyclists riding are more visible to distracted motorists. Plus we can all look our for each other in the event of a "mechanical" or other issues. 
  • Find out how to navigate Rockland roads and which roads are best and most fun for cyclists
  • Every mile you ride helps in little ways. It's a green way to get around. It encourages others to ride too! It helps send a message that bicycles have a place on our roads, and that are active transportation options that are good for people and for the planet.  
2 - If you are looking to stay fit, ride for health
  • Cycling is low impact and great for great for runners whose knees are shot
  • Live better, live longer. A 2017 study by the University of Glasgow with more than 250,000 participants showed that cyclists had a lower mortality rate than other groups. And this wasn't just for hard-core weekend road warriors -- the finding was among folks who included walking or cycling as part of their daily commute. Every little bit helps for health, and fun! 
  • Cycling burns calories and that can mean weight loss 
  • Cycling builds strength and balance 
3 - Up your game by riding with others
  • The quickest way to improve your cycling is to ride with better cyclists 
  • Learn riding tips from more experienced riders: (Best practices for shifting, how to climb and descend, etc)
  • Look for "no drop" rides, the group will wait at turns and after climbs if you fall behind as long as you are trying hard 
  • Cycling Physics 101: Drafting works. Learn how and when to draft. Be safe -- and store up your energy for when you need it by riding safely in the slipstream!

4 - Let's Get Social

  • If you are tired of riding by yourself, become more social 
  • It's classless but still classy. Lawyers and teachers spin equally as well as artists, students, stockbrokers and social workers. Bike equity means everyone should have an equal chance to share the road the the experience of riding together.
  • Learn how to use Strava, MapMyRide or RideWithGPS. These social media apps track your individual cycling efforts and allows you to share with cycling friend of your choice 
  • Have fun at rest breaks or after rides, get to know different people
5 - It Will Take You To Places You Have Never Been Before
  • Weekly rides take you to places you may have never visited -- on routes that you might not have previously traveled. 
  • Favorite RBC routes include destinations North and South, East and West, that are scenic, historical...and even epic! Some have hills, some are mostly flat, all are always fun.
  • No worries about finding a parking spot
For less than the cost of a Starbuck's Tall coffee each month, you can join the Rockland Bicycling Club for a year. Membership is $25 for 12 months. Fill out the fields that follow and we'll send you a confirming email to get things started. 
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